Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and Baby Dreaming with Coolamon and Clapsticks Small Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree


Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and Baby Dreaming with Coolamon and Clapsticks Small Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree


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One of a kind Australian Aboriginal Contemporary Original Painting by Mirree.

What a rare sight to see one of Mirree's original paintings.

Size: 15cm in length x 15cm height x 3.5cm in width 6' x 6'

Media: Acrylic on Canvas, stretched and ready to hang!


Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and Baby Dreaming with Coolamon and Clapsticks with flower medicine.

 Contains Native Australian Flowers:

  1. ‘Yellow Box’ Flowers (which is a soft yellow flower belonging to the Eucalyptus melliodora tree
    It is a flowering plant belonging to the myrtle family.
    Found in QLD, ACT, NSW & VIC. Growing up to 30 meters tall and flowering in November to January. It is highly prized and known for its yellow-box honey.

 A new beginning is coming to show you the most important parts of yourself that bring in more of the divine light and healing, which is connected to the true potential of the light of your soul which you are currently seeing glimpses of from an awakening you are currently going through or coming near to in the future. 

The letting go and everything that we’ve learnt from the past now doesn't have to be a burden or headache, especially when we can make the necessary steps to alleviate any feelings of uncertainty, doubt or fear, this will prepare ourselves for a new situation that gives up hope, happiness, support, transformation and healing.

The White Cockatoo helps us to make a karmic release and awakening, this is a powerful painting which holds a powerful message and healing for you because you are either about to go through this release or you have already just come out of it. Whatever the case try to remember to remain calm and grounded through this process, even when anxiety or stress is high, you are reaching the peak of your ability to let go of the past that has been related to a heavy karmic burden.

Having the Mother and Baby in this painting indicates a time of nurturing whilst you are reaching your peak of an awakening of the soul. 



Flowers give us hope and give us something to hang onto. When I was a little girl I went through a lot of horrendous experiences and then a miracle accoured which was carried on a message of a flower which I saw come back to life after being dead right in front of my very eyes.
It was a magical experience and one I almost forgot until I got older and began to remember again. So, flowers can be highly beneficial to the healing process or journey you may be going through at the time. We can forget so many memories and experiences from when we were young because of our day-to-day busy lives that symbolic and colourful paintings with sacred messages and symbols from nature can awaken us to, reminding and connecting us to the purity of our soul and the guidance that comes from within, just dying to come out.


Coolamon is a traditional wooden vessel which has been carved from a tree and used to hold babies, collect berries and bush medicine or used in ceremonies.
Often the different markings or symbols represented who the Coolamon belonged to.

Clap Sticks

Clap Sticks are a traditional instrument used to make rhythm played by women and men during songs and ceremony. The symbols on the Clap Sticks held special meaning.

Painting comes with Certificate of Authenticity, "About Mirree" postcard and story postcard of the "SULPHUR CRESTED COCKATOO & BABY WITH COOLAMON & CLAPSTICKS".

Signed by the Artist: Mirree

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