'Ancestral LADY BEETLES' ORIGINAL PAINTING by Mirree Contemporary Aboriginal Art


'Ancestral LADY BEETLES' ORIGINAL PAINTING by Mirree Contemporary Aboriginal Art


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Painted on beautiful natural plants reed, woven tightly together.


This is one-of-a-kind Painting by Mirree, painted on Belgium Linen Canvas, the most expensive canvas you can paint on due to the fact that it is made from natural plant reeds and tightly weaved to form this beautiful soft canvas.
The painting is worth $15,000-$25,000 retail but because I am the Artist and do all the advertising and marketing myself, I am not represented by a Gallery as I like to operate totally independently, I am able to pass on all the savings to my customers.


Read the latest article on "Ancestral Lady Beetle" ~ INNER CHILD read more here:

Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen Canvas
Stretching Size: 68cm x 112cm
Actual Painting Size: 47cm x 110cm

The Ancestral Series Paintings were dreamt for a need to make practical use for my works for those who can use my paintings/designs in practical/everyday ways.
This particular painting series are painted for design function for use on clothing wear in specific.
They are painted on a black background to represent the vast void of the Dreamtime & Universe.


“Don’t ever lose the child like innocence in your heart, always allow it to play, keeping you young.”

Mirree is a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist from Wiradjuri country in NSW Australia. She has been painting since a teenager; she wishes to share her gift of painting & story telling to the world. Purchase Mirree’s Art here: www.dreamsofcreation.com OR follow her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artbymirree


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