ONCE IN A BLUE MOON NIGHT OWL Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree

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ONCE IN A BLUE MOON NIGHT OWL Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree

$92.00 $92.00 0% OFF

One of a kind Australian Aboriginal Contemporary Original Painting by Mirree.

What a rare sight to see one of Mirree's original paintings.

Size: 15 x 15cm approx (6 x 6') x 1.8cm

    Media: Acrylic on Canvas, stretched and ready to hang!

    Night Owl ~ Once in a Blue Moon 🌟🦉🌚🌛🌏🌟

    This little Owl is sitting with the illumination of the Waning Crescent moon which refers to the shrinking of the Moon’s illumination and represents a phase of "SURRENDER"!

    Do you remember that saying “Once in a Blue Moon” well you know if you’ve been going through some pretty tough times lately don’t despair because like they say tough times are only once in a Blue Moon and I don’t mean just any old tough times. You know there is the everyday rough times where we can just shake them off like dust and keep going. Well the tough times I’m talking about are the ones which seem like they can make you stuck like when your in mud, stop you in your tracks in the dead of the night, you know those ones? Well this is the kind like you know “Once in a Blue Moon” kind.
    Where the illumination of the moon has the power to lift us up from the darkness, this “Night Owl ~ Once in a Blue Moon” is reminding us that tough times will pass and are going to pass very soon, so this is your signal, they are not the norm, so try to remember not to get use to it because the illumination of the moon will lift you now from the darkness within from these tough times that your currently in or been in for sometime, because maybe lets just face it you forgot about some really important things about yourself during this time. So get ready to reveal yourself again, back to your normal self once more and let “Night Owl ~ Once in a Blue Moon” in to prepare you for this dark veil to be lifted. Your ready, so prepare yourself for coming out of this Blue and let Night Owl show you the way.

    The Owl captures messages that remain hidden & far from view. Are you taking the opportunity to listen to the deepest part of your soul? Is there anything that you need to release from your life? Take some time out to listen deeply to those subtle messages that the Owl is bringing us today; this will re-align you to the mysteries of your soul path. It is an important time to hear your inner voice, trust and allow the hidden signs to come through and move forward with your newfound knowledge with confidence.

    NEGATIVE: Darkness, Ignorance, Stagnant
    POSITIVE: Release, Truth, Soul Purpose


    Painting comes with Certificate of Authenticity and story of the Night Owl

    Signed by the Artist: Mirree 


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