'Turtle Swamp with Dragonfly' Original Painting by Mirree Contemporary Dreamtime Animal Dreaming


'Turtle Swamp with Dragonfly' Original Painting by Mirree Contemporary Dreamtime Animal Dreaming


This is one-of-a-kind Original painting 'Turtle Swamp with Dragonfly'. 


You will receive 1 Original Painting ready to hang, with 'Turtle Swamp with Dragonfly' story postcard & 'About Mirree' postcard.

Medium: Acrylic on stretched framed canvas, ready to hang!
Sizes Available: 
15cm x 15cm x 1.8cm $149

“Turtle Swamp” ~ INNER BALANCE

Sometimes in life we are put in poisitions that have taken away parts of our power from us, the experience has taken from us, like a battery that has ran out charge.

Turtle swamp shows us the way and takes us out of any disempowering situation that has caused us to feel powerless and one that enables us to re-create this scene into a better one that gives us the power we currently need to heal from any feelings of that have disempowered us, made us feel helpless and vulnerable. When we can do this and recognise, let go and wash away these feelings, "Turtle Swamp" helps us to feel at ease again with the situation so that we can regain our Inner Balance and bring ourselves back to life, back to our complete and radiant self. One that gives back to ourselves all the components that went missing inside which makes up a huge part of your dream...

This painting contains: Turtle, Dragonflies, the Bulrush and Green Aquatic plants, Lotus flowers and ripples within the water as it ventures through the many unknown places to find the missing pieces that your looking for. 

Want to know more or purchase "Turtle Swamp" original painting...then message Mirree she'll be waiting for you.

Postage to QLD, NSW, VIC, WA, ACT, TAS in Australia = $10
Worldwide postage is available = $29

'TURTLE Swamp with Dragonfly' ~  

Story Coming soon...

Picture & Story © by Mirree


Mirree is a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist from Wiradjuri country in NSW Australia. She has been painting since a teenager; she wishes to share her gift of painting & story telling to the world. Purchase Mirree’s Art here: www.dreamsofcreation.com OR follow her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artbymirree


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