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I am Determined with Crocodile by Midnight Dreamtime Love Kit

$145.00 $184.75

Save over $39. "Determined Crocodile" A3 Personally Signed A3 Museum Quality Print, Luxury Christmas Nativity Scene Card, Dreamtime Colouring Book, X2 Dreamtime Pocket Books, Dreamtime Snake-Head Turtle with Lotus MUG.

I am Determined Love Kit is a limited edition Christmas pack for 2019. Suitable for all ages, your sampler pack includes:-



Discover a taste of Mirree's Art. Loved by people all around the world.
Here at Dreams of Creation Australia we love spreading love & positivity.
Be DETERMINED with Mirree's 1st Dreamtime Book Set which was 1st created in 2016 which contains all the Australian Animals, followed by the making of the Christmas Nativity Scene in 2017 which was put beautifully into these Luxury Christmas Cards.
The A4 MUSEUM Prints have always been a favourite amongst Collectors of Mirree's Art and the most affordable way to own the very Highest Quality which is similar to owning an Original Painting, which is great for putting in your office, alter or small intimate space to cheer you up on a gloomy day or to motivate and inspire your work environment. 
Also great for a Meditation Space or Inspirational Room.


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