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Would you like to know what your Personal Animal Totem is?
Mirree has an interesting ability/gift to figure out people's totem animal... 

Below is 16 Australian Animal Totems that contain their simple names, there have been 22 completed so far, then the International Animals will follow in time.

Mirree specialises in painting Individual Animal Totems, the Totem System is very complex and we have only touched on a few in Australian Aboriginal Culture.

Your Totem Painting includes an A4 write up instructions for working with your Animal Totem, the instructions assist in connecting with your totem for maximum benefit throughout your day. This write up is worth a minimum of $59, as of 2018 the price on the Totem Paintings will increase to include this as an option, but right now it is included.

Mirree will email you upon placing your order to ask you a series of questions which will help determine your Animal, which she will then put into a Painting especially for you.

Mirree was born in the regional town of Dubbo, in the Central West of NSW Australia, Dubbo means red dirt in the Wiradjuri language. Dubbo’s red dirt, a symbol of the country in which Mirree was born and to which she is spiritually connected, inspired the artist to undertake the creation of a series of 44 Animal Dreaming Paintings, these 1 meter paintings depict Aboriginal animal totems (as pictured above).

There are many flora and fauna totems that are significant to Aboriginal Australians. The totem system is complex and powerful, signifying the close relationships a person has to other individuals, their group or tribe and to a particular ancestral figure, as embodied by a specific animal or plant. There are individual and clan totems.

Clan totems are shared by tribal groups and are passed down through common female or male kin lines. Affiliation with these totems indicates membership in the clan, strong ties to territorial & mythological stories & totems that warn of any impeding danger. Individual totems are not inherited from family members but signify a person’s special relationship to a particular animal or plant.

Mirree specializes in painting individual Animal totems, through a painting for someone & asking the relevant questions she is able to understand the Animal Totem that is watching over you. Sometimes you can have a main one and others come and go throughout different stages of life. But knowing your main one helps you understand your gifts, leading you to your life purpose. Your very own personal Animal Totem starts from $169, there is much knowledge to learn.

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