COMMUNICATION - Being up-front with people is the best way I can communicate my needs so people can best understand me, being up-front is the ideal way both parties get the best possible outcomes & needs met.

TRUST - Being able to develop trust is the most natural way to feel comfortable around people, having long-term & loyal relationships is the ideal situation in any business or personal relationship for growth.

SHARING - Sharing common goals, thoughts, ideas & inspiration is the perfect combination to a two-way relationship, being able to offer something to the table makes you beneficial to the development of trust in any given situation.

EXPANSION & GROWTH - Being able to expand myself through new ideas and ways to balance, organise & be at peace with my life, connecting more to my inner self to enrich the life of myself, hence spreading this beyond myself to others.

UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING - This plays an important role in my life, in community connection & unity, learning to relate to others through a common connection. We are all truly unique individuals. The universal spirit runs through me guiding my passion to paint and giving me the words to speak to connect with people of all ages for the development of myself & others.

SPIRITUALITY - My culture, connection to country, a sense of belonging & identity underline my foundation to success, giving me the strength to come in from a different point of view, offering a source of inspiration & hope for people that struggle to find a way forward.

RESPECT - Respecting myself & all people provides the key to understanding.

UNDERSTANDING - Allowing thoughts and feelings to flow gives understanding & clarity to bring to life your dreams and the best way to achieve them.

PEACE & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - Acting from a place of peace enables me to acknowledge myself more which in turns enables me to acknowledge others that are present & have come before me.

HAPPINESS - I am most happy when I am at peace with myself & my environment.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - Having no expectations in relationships with people is the best way to understand, coming from a place of love & the highest vibration of all, this offers more benefit to everyone involved. I uphold my paintings to the highest level possible & present them for the growth of my inner self and for all those that surround me & love me.

HEALING - Healing brings in peace & acceptance of self, I like to paint as a tool to create a space for self-healing and understanding & spreading this healing to others. This space gives me the clarity to understand from a much deeper level, imparting the wisdom from this space to others gives me a sense of service to the community, achievement and fulfilment that I feel in my emotions & heart of my soul.

CREATIVITY - I am a very creative person & love a high level of stimulation otherwise I get bored easily, my paintings provide me with much inspiration & imagination to fulfil this high level of excitement in me. Ideas are allowed to flow & flourish into many fulfilled dreams of creations in the form of new & exciting paintings.

PLAYFULNESS - Sharing my passion for painting & creativity keeps the inner child alive and allows this playfulness part of myself to come into my work which I believe is an important part to the imagination & creating balance in life.

GRATITUDE - Giving gratitude to the Universe on a daily basis makes you humble and brings in more blessings.
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