26th September 2012

Hey my beautiful girl, I got your letter and I thank you with all my heart for trusting me with your happiness and the inspiration behind that great painting. I wish you great success in everything you do and I wish you the love that you deserve. Remember, everything happens for a reason because it is meant to be.... I also truly hope you do an exhibit here in Melbourne one day, cause I'm your number one fan. Be well my sweet Mirree and thank you once again..lots of hugs and kisses.
Athena H
VIC, Australia


13th February 2013

Hi Mirree
Thank you very much for the e mail and all the attachments. It was lovely to meet you and I loved your work. Also I loved the relationship you had with your Dad, he appears to be such an interesting character. It was truly a joyful experience to have met with both of you. Certainly I will follow your career with great interest and hope to purchase a bigger picture next time.
I wish you well and your Dad. ( I miss my dad – he was an inspiration to me)
God bless

Marj C
ACT, Australia


4th March 2013

Hi . Thanks for the information on our art work we purchased. I was good to meet you and your dad in canberra.

 Amanda H

ACT, Australia 


17th July 2013

Mirree! Got home to Uralla late last night and found a box of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Seeing your little owls in the 'flesh' took my breath away. 'Beautiful' connot convey how lush and vibrant and alive these jewels are. You are mind-blowing xoxoxo

Pierette R
NSW, Australia


27th March 2014

Good evening Mirree
I received your owl paintings today and have hung them to remind me of my husband. We were together for 19 years, he was my first and true love and he passed last month. We got to do a lot of bird watching from our house and he had placed birdbaths outside each window. The morning he passed, just before dawn while the paramedics were working on him I was on our balcony. A tawny frog mouth owl landed right next to me, looking at me and hooting, I know it was Rodney saying goodbye. When I saw your painting of night owl I felt it in my soul.

Thank you for entrusting me with your beautiful art.

Kind regards

Danielle T
NSW, Australia


11th September 2014

my package turned up n my paintings are awesome so happy with them

love the cards too thanks so much x

Josie W
QLD, Australia


15th September 2014

hi mIrree Your parcel arrived safe and sound - I love it and thank you so much for the gift cards. My daughter is in love with the rainbow serpent print and has already claimed it for her room.

Sarah M
NSW, Australia


16th September 2014

Hello lovely lady Got your painting in the mail today and cannot believe how beautiful it looks in real life. I've already shown it to a few people and everyone is impressed and love it! My boyfriend's parents were blown away, and I gave them the card you sent with the picture - they're Canadian, and love to give Australian art to their friends and relatives back over there... so I am hoping they drop you a line very soon. So beautiful! It will be loved and cherished xoxo

Pierette R
NSW, Australia


29th December 2014

I received it today!
It's amazing thank you.

NSW, Australia
Naomi L

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