Volcano Hummingbird Dreaming Small Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree


Volcano Hummingbird Dreaming Small Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree


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One of a kind Australian Aboriginal Contemporary Original Painting by Mirree.

What a rare sight to see one of Mirree's original paintings.

Size: 15cm in length x 15cm height x 1.8cm in width 6' x 6'

Media: Acrylic on Canvas, stretched and ready to hang!


HummingBirds Growing Together ~ An Outpouring of HAPPINESS~ FREEDOM~EXCITEMENT FOR LIFE!

Volcano Juvenile Hummingbird is a tiny hummingbird of 7.5cm long which is native to the Talamancan montane forests of Costa Rica and western Panama in Central America.
It inhabits Elfin forest which are Mini Trees of peaks up to 1850m.

Volcano Juvenile Hummingbird Dreaming Heart medicine.

Everything in your life that connects to the very heart of love and creation is being maintained through the love & light of the Hummingbird. It brings to you the magic, the hope and luck of new life from a cycle of new beginnings.

HummingBirds Growing Together enables the closeness of sharing and meeting together as one to bring about a new level of trust, hope and togetherness for the future of the most important relationship.

When this flow of energy is maintained everything is in harmony and constant state of growth which outpours to each other, so don't hold back, be in this position together through the heart of hummingbird.



Promote healing properties of plants and amazing ability to regenerate and bring growth in barren lands or where there has been nothing left.

Painting comes with Certificate of Authenticity, "About Mirree" postcard and story postcard of the "Volcano Hummingbird Dreaming".

Signed by the Artist: Mirree

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