Humpback Whale with Star Fish Dreaming Small Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree


Humpback Whale with Star Fish Dreaming Small Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree


One of a kind Australian Aboriginal Contemporary Original Painting by Mirree.

What a rare sight to see one of Mirree's original paintings.

Size: 15cm in length x 15cm height x 1.8cm in width 6' x 6'

Media: Acrylic on Canvas, stretched and ready to hang!


 Humpback Whale & Star Fish Dreaming Magic

The Humpback Whale came to me when thinking about many questions in my was in that moment that I knew that the Whale was about Soul Searching and this image which was the Painting will be the smaller version of the 1 meter Painting I'm currently in the process of doing now...The painting below contains fire coral, star fish and the Humpback Whale.

The symmetrical dots inside the painting are actually a form of Marine plankton called Asterionella, which is the Whales main food source, making up part of the oceans primary production of organic material by an estimated 45%.
Are you currently faced with the many paths that life has to offer?

The Whale uses echolocation in order to always understand the paths it needs to take and these journey lines maximize the navigation & supplies it needs in order to continue on track. There is always many man-made distractions that the Whale is up against, such as the noise pollution from ships and other sea vessels, which cause friction for the Whale. Understanding the depths of the soul is a courageous act but a very scary thing also. With these paths in mind that are constantly been traveled by the Whale we are able to look at the common paths we have traveled also, and by asking the appropriate questions such as why something has or hasn't worked out, it can show a lot about our habits which are either working for or against us. Isn't it time you took control of your own destiny...There is much to be learnt from the Whale.

Harmony, Self-Realisation, Success

Disharmony, Oblivious, Indifference

Star Fish
Coming soon..

Washes away your fears and cleanses you of your Past.

Painting comes with Certificate of Authenticity, "About Mirree" postcard and story postcard of the "WHALE & STAR FISH DREAMING".

Signed by the Artist: Mirree

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