*Series of Animal Dreaming Paintings~Devotion to Mother Nature and her Animal Spirit & Plant Kingdom Devas Healing for All

What are Devas?

A Deva represents the spiritual force behind nature, something we can sense or feel.
Some people have natural abilities to talk to these spiritual beings and have a knowing about what they feel like or want to communicate with us, it takes time & patience to listen & someone who is very in-tune with nature.

What are you currently working on? 

I am in the process of painting 44 Animal Dreaming Paintings.
These animal dreamings connect to the very essence of Mother Nature and my devotion & honouring to her as she supports all living life upon our planet.

What have you done so far & what about the colours significance?

So far in the Animal Dreaming Series Mirree has completed x21 1 meter paintings on Cotton canvas with Professional Artists Acrylic paints (see above).
The base/undercoat for these paintings contain Burgundy color to represent the 'Red Dirt' of the native Australian landscape, 'Dubbo' is Mirree's hometown and the name represents 'Red Dirt' in the tribal area of Wiradjuri language in Australia.

What are the Paintings about?

These paintings are a journey about self-discovery, with each animal giving you a clue into the endless depths of ourselves, like the word: 'Namaste' can symbolise seeing the entire universe within the reflection of another, well this is what these paintings reveal.

Secrets of the universe, mother nature, the creation & dreamtime & the reflection this has upon ourselves. In this series I use the essence, movement & natural habitat of the Australian Animals to express my emotional views & spiritual teachings of my experience, responsibilities & evolution of being a Modern day female aboriginal.
Through my close affinity to Mother Nature & the Animal Devas I hope that you will see the perfect infusion of past meets present, in doing so I honor all aspects of the Indigenous culture from past, present & future and hope by presenting these paintings in this way will create a harmonious connection with people of all ages and cultures, creating a healing & awakening experience for people that is like no other.
It is through my Aboriginal connection that I bring to you these very unique paintings of vibrancy, emotion & maternal spirit...

What are your plans for the Animal Dreaming paintings:

  1. A published 44 Spiritual Card Deck,
  2. Children's Dream-time story Book &
  3. Worldwide International Traveling Exhibition.


When do you plan on finishing the Animal Dreaming Paintings?
I plan to finish the 44 paintings by April 2016, by completing 2 paintings per month.
I hope to have the Travelling Worldwide Exhibition started by the end of 2016, start of 2017.



*Series of Ancestral Dreaming Paintings~ Devotion to the Ancestral Creator Beings of the Dreamtime & the Universal Energy of Creation

What are Ancestor Creator Beings?

In Aboriginal Australian Culture an Ancestor Creator Being is a Spiritual Being that exists simultaneously in the past, present & future and has created all the natural elements within nature.

What are the Paintings about?

These ancestral dreamings connect to the very essence of the Dream Time and in connection to the vast void of the Universal Spirit, I work closely in conjunction with the Ancestors to understand their ways and teachings. They have guided me throughout this entire process to bring to you these very special paintings.

What have you done so far & what about the colours significance?

So far in the Ancestral Dreaming paintings Mirree has completed x5 1.1 meter paintings on Belgium linen canvas which is made from natural plant reeds. The base/undercoat of these paintings contain Black color to represent the vast void of the Dreamtime.

What are your plans for the Ancestral Dreaming Paintings:

  1. Fashion Clothing,

  2. Accessories &

  3. Home-wares.

  4. To support my Animal Dreamings work


The Dreamtime:

The Dreamtime exists beyond time, space & sometimes our understanding; the idea about the Dreaming is multifaceted. Dreaming is best described as the beliefs, religion or law of Aboriginal people within Australia.

It is also the time where the Ancestor Beings created all the river ways, mountains and streams within Australia in the very beginning of time, often depicted in Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. These stories often describe the ways and laws of the land for the people that belong to a particular area which is called tribe within the map of Aboriginal Australia, this allowed them to understand boundaries between men and women & the various stages of life.

The area Mirree was born in is called: Wiradjuri Tribe, NSW Australia.

Before the beginning of human life, the Dreaming ancestors traveled all around the countryside creating all natural things such as landforms, places, rivers, plants and people. They also created the rituals, designs, songs and ceremonies that are part of Aboriginal culture today, they are believed to exist simultaneously in the past, present and future.

The Dreamtime for Mirree is a place where she goes to contemplate life, putting together all lessons of life, into visual perspectives to create teachings for future generations to come. Life can be complex and like a huge jigsaw, these teachings/stories will offer guidance, clarity and a sense of awakening & understanding of life, the stories that Mirree will share with others. The ideal creation of paradise.

Mirrees gift is her visual creations through her paintings and teachings of the Dreamtime, she wishes to share this gift with you all.


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