Australian Ibis Bird Universal Spirit Dreaming Aboriginal Art A6 blank PostCard Single by Mirree


Australian Ibis Bird Universal Spirit Dreaming Aboriginal Art A6 blank PostCard Single by Mirree



*Australian Aboriginal Contemporary Fine Art PostCard*
You will receive 1 Single Post Card.
Created, designed & printed with love & care right here in Australia
Size: A6 Approx: 15cm x 10.5cm
Media: 265gsm Card with Silk Gloss Finish.
Blank on the back of the Card! (See picture what is on the back)

“Australian Ibis Bird"

(See picture for whats on the back of the Postcard).


Sometimes in life challenges are brought to the surface in order so that we will complete some unfinished business and see how this has been playing out in our lives, possibly causing havic for us for sometime now. The core of this problem could be karmic related, which connects you directly to your past. Don't worry seeking solitude for you right now, could be the best time spent in order to gracefully find the best way round and plan of attack so that you can get everything back on track again, in the best possible & quickest way. Spend sometime seeking a spiritual counsellor or some guidance from someone you can trust that is possibly on the same wave-length as yours, which will assist in this endeavour and challenge you are currently facing. This will enable you to close this chapter of your life, cleansing the karmic ties that have been binding you to possibly someone in your past. Let go, forgive and then go after your goal. Do not let the karmic negativity or residual of this situation get you down, or slow you down from your spiritual progress. Because you know this has been getting you down for sometime now and holding you back from your mission in life.
Your about to make some pretty massive changes so allow the results from this to come from this, be patient with yourself, and give yourself some time to rest. You've been doing too much.

Positive: Spiritual Progress, Ending Karmic Relationship which have been holding you back, Freedom from the Past.
Negative: Cannot see a way out, Feeling Drained and tired from a certain situation, Time to Rest, Repetitive Problems.

(This Postcard has been created from the Original Painting!)

“My paintings come from a feeling inside that I can see. I slowing break it down into color and form through preliminary sketches, with this the rhythm also comes. But always the visions are my feelings. Nature moves me in ways I can only describe through my paintings...”

Mirree is a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist from Wiradjuri country in NSW Australia. She has been painting since a teenager; she wishes to share her gift of painting & story telling to the world. Purchase Mirree’s Art here: OR follow her on facebook:

Great for B'day, Xmas & and any kind of celebration you can imagine.
Your friends and family will be delighted and intrigued when they see it.

What to do with it:
Frame your card or send it to a friend.
Only available through Dreams of Creation Australia online store.
Now thats something to treasure & a gift that will last a lifetime!

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Handmade with love.

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