Australian Masked Tasmanian Owl and Baby Dreaming Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree


Australian Masked Tasmanian Owl and Baby Dreaming Contemporary Aboriginal Art Original Painting by Mirree


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One of a kind Australian Aboriginal Contemporary Original Painting by Mirree.

What a rare sight to see one of Mirree's original paintings.

Size: 15cm in length x 15cm height x 1.8cm in width 6' x 6'

Media: Acrylic on Canvas, stretched and ready to hang!

Australian Masked Tasmanian Owl and Baby

This is Mirree's 1st Tasmanian Masked Owl with Mother and baby.

The Tasmanian Masked Owl is Australia's endangered Owl with only 500 breeding pairs left in the wild. Here The Masked Owl and Baby is sitting in a Tasmanian Myrtle Beech Tree (Nothofagus cunninghamii) which is found in Tasmania which is a native evergreen tree found in cool temperatures.
Here you will see the leaves of orange and red which are spring and new growth leaves and the green ones are the mature leaves. They grow up to 50 metres in is believed to exist as an anicent relic that lives in Godwanan rainforests, present today in takayna/Tarkine in the Northwest of Tasmania which is currently being threatened by Bulldozers from China that want to make it into a chemical dumping station. Lets keep the conversation going so more people are aware of whats happening to our precious trees and wildlife. A % of the sale of this painting will go to help saving these precious Owls and Trees.

The Owl captures messages that remain hidden & far from view. Are you taking the opportunity to listen to the deepest part of your soul? Is there anything that you need to release from your life? Take some time out to listen deeply to those subtle messages that the Owl is bringing us today; this will re-align you to the mysteries of your soul path. It is an important time to hear your inner voice, trust and allow the hidden signs to come through and move forward with your newfound knowledge with confidence.

NEGATIVE: Darkness, Ignorance, Stagnant
POSITIVE: Release, Truth, Soul Purpose

Painting comes with Certificate of Authenticity, "About Mirree" postcard and story postcard of the "TASMANIAN MASKED OWL MOTHER AND BABY".

Signed by the Artist: Mirree

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