'Meeting of the Birds' Large Original Painting by Mirree Contemporary Dreamtime Animal Dreaming


'Meeting of the Birds' Large Original Painting by Mirree Contemporary Dreamtime Animal Dreaming


This is one-of-a-kind Original painting 'Meeting of the Birds'

You will receive 1 Original Painting ready to hang, with 'Meeting of the Birds' story postcard & 'About Mirree' postcard.

 Acrylic on Canvas

Sizes Available: 
40cm x 30cm / 16' x 12' x 1.8cm $859

Postage to QLD, NSW, VIC, WA, ACT, TAS in Australia = $10
Worldwide postage is available = $29



“Meeting of the Birds" 

Contains the magic of the Native Australian Wildflowers and Australian Native Birds.


Boo Book Owl
Sulfur-Crested Cockatoos (White Cockatoo)
Crimson Rosella
Suberb Fairy Wren (Blue Wren)
Zebra Finch
Pink Galah


  1. Pink Champagne Bottlebrush Flowers (bottom)

  2. Purple Baeckea Flowers (bottom and top)

  3. Purple Common Firebush Flowers (bottom)

Overall Message: LISTENING TO SELF with The Boo Book Owl represents receiving messages that are ready to surface for you now so listen to whats coming to you strongly at this time, as the Owl is at the center of everything that you are learning during this time.

Current Cycle: KARMIC RELEASE with The White Cockatoos represent a karmic release and awakening, this is a powerful painting which holds a powerful message and healing for you because you are either about to go through this release or you have already just come out of it.

Quality within: LESSONS OF LOVE with The Crimson Rosella is telling you that the relationship you have to yourself right now and the love you give to yourself during this time will provide you with the foundation and outcome of what you wish to bring forward that is to do with possibly a relationship you wish to develop or a passion that is ready to expand or both. Because you are understanding more of a complete picture of what you are requiring in your life right now in order to flourish.

Quality Within: REMEMBERING with The Pink Galah represents childhood memories and the remembering of the very qualities and essence that if part of you, like a dream you are remembering pieces of yourself that you have forgotten along the way of growing up.

Suberb Fairy Wren (Blue Wren)
Zebra Finch

The key to understanding all of this is through listening to them on a much deeper level than ever before...

The complete story will come with the Original Painting.

Picture & Story © by Mirree


Mirree is a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist from Wiradjuri country in NSW Australia. She has been painting since a teenager; she wishes to share her gift of painting & story telling to the world. Purchase Mirree’s Art here: www.dreamsofcreation.com OR follow her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artbymirree



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