Whale and Baby Dreaming Painting A3 Girlcee Print by Mirree Contemporary Aboriginal Art


Whale and Baby Dreaming Painting A3 Girlcee Print by Mirree Contemporary Aboriginal Art



    The painting above contains the Humpback Whale & Calf, the energy from the sun, the reef from a distance and the symmetrical dots inside the painting are actually a form of Marine plankton called Asterionella, which is the Whales main food source, making up part of the oceans primary production of organic material by an estimated 45%.

    When the calf is been born it comes out tail 1st so that it doesn't drown because whales are air-breathing mammals that need to surface to get the air supply that they need to survive.

    It is important for you now to get back on track by focusing on a major project of yours that you've been thinking about lately that your about to give birth to. It is connected to the most purest and deepest part of your soul, It is also very important to you at this time to have the end details in mind in order for the project to be nurtured and executed correctly over a course of a period of time that you will bring it to life for its success. This project is going to bring much knowledge, growth & power to your soul and it will also bring much to others once it has been completed. Follow your gut instincts and any guidance you are getting in relation to this project now and be careful not to second guess yourself about it, it is your souls purpose to bring this forward, so do not delay.
    Allow yourself the room to grow and do not let the ego get in the way.
    There is much to be learnt from the Baby & Whale !

    Positive: Focus, Motivation, Universal Spirit, Purity
    Negative: Disorganize, Dislike, Malevolence, Greed

    “My paintings come from a feeling inside that I can see. I slowing break it down into color and form through preliminary sketches, with this the rhythm also comes. But always the visions are my feelings. Nature moves me in ways I can only describe through my paintings...”

    Mirree is a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist from Wiradjuri country in NSW Australia. She has been painting since a teenager; she wishes to share her gift of painting & story telling to the world. Purchase Mirree’s Art here: www.dreamsofcreation.com OR follow her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artbymirree

    One of a kind Australian Aboriginal Contemporary Art Giclee Print by Mirree.
  • Print does not contain any watermark or writing other than the Signature.
  • Choose from the following Sizes Available:
  1. 29.7cm x 42cm - $139.00 (Approx A3 Size)
    • Media: 300gsm Fine Art Giclee Print Archival pigment print on acid-free, premium grade fine art rag media, your Print will contain up to a 1cm white border all way around to give you a better look when framing.
    • Package: Your Print will come Packaged in Clear Plastic Wrap, with Black Cardboard Backing for transport durability & comes with an A6 Postcard with the Story on one side & Artwork pic on the back.
    • Postage: Your Print will be package as above & inserted in a Rigid A4 Cardboard Envelope if you choose the 20 x 30cm option, all other sizes will be rolled in the appropriate sized cardboard tube to ensure durability during transportation to you anywhere in the world.
    • Quality: Made to strict museum high quality standards, Mirree's Giclee Prints have a fade-free archival rating of greater than 100 years.



    • What a great way to own one of Mirree's exclusive prints, this print was created from the original painting.

    The next best thing to owning the original Artwork, Archival-grade Giclee Prints can be found in the world's finest museums and art galleries around the world.

    What is a Giclée?

    A Giclée (zhee-clay) is a printing process using high-quality digital files, archival-grade pigments and acid free media resulting in a fade-free image.



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