• Top 10 Things To Do If Starting out as a Professional Artist

    Posted: Dec 31 2016

    From reading countless social media articles, attending entrepreneur seminars, writing workshops, taking business courses, and much more, what all this boils down to is what really works, this is the most valuable advice from all this that I've learnt. Practise and test on a daily basis from your own experience what works for you, just make sure you are trying and testing things on a regular basis, because really in the end this is what will come out on top.  Working as a Full-time Artist from home, without a back up plan or part-time job, here is the list I found highly beneficial so that you no longer have to waste anymore time, reading, writing or anything else that is wasting your precious time not being in the studio painting your latest and greatest masterpiece. Here is a list of the Top 10 Things you must do regularly if your starting out...
  • What would you sacrifice in order to continue to reach your dreams and goals as an Artist?

    Posted: Jul 30 2016

    I must say since working as a full-time Artist as a most serious and professional career move in 2012, my life continues to be a growing and ever-expanding experience. Creativity has been a life-long thing for me. Since the age of 5 dancing as a ballerina for about 5 years, then the flute for 6 years, but as I reached high school, doing Art and expressing myself through drawing and painting has been the main thing that stuck over the years, because I found I could incorporate my love of music and movement that I loved via dancing through my works.     I think a lot of us find Art and creativity is an outlet to either express or understand ourselves more and the world we in live in, but also in relation to the connection we have with each other. When interacting with each other in this technological...
  • Happy International Womens Day!

    Posted: Mar 08 2016

    To all the beautiful Women out there who work hard everyday to make the world a better place, this is for you! Your truly amazing and this day is dedicated especially to you :)"Happy International Women's Day" to all the lovely ladies around the world we need you! The painting in the background represents healing the songlines within country through the journey back to self.
  • What is the difference between a Hobby Artist and a Professional Artist?

    Posted: Jan 31 2016

    I have read a number of articles now, way too many to list them all, but overall is a small list that provides some good resources for developing and implementing your business if you wish to do so.I will name the sites I've been on to obtain this information 1st but before I continue with my own views and experience on the subject.Here are the listed sites I am referencing, you may or may not want to check them out, but in case you do here is the list:Artsy SharkMaria BrophyOwen Garrett Barramundi Dreaming by Mirree ~ Family Healing Circle of LifeI have a lot of Professional and Hobby Artists that are inspired by what I do & are asking me advice about my work so I decided to create this blog to further expand your knowledge so you can have a clear path ahead and propel yourself to the...

    Posted: Dec 28 2015

    LIMITED TIME ONLY...WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BRING INTO YOUR 2016? Focus your goals through the paintings and each day you will build momentum to manifest the qualities you'd like to work on within yourself. Includes instructions on how to use for meditation and healing for yourself. Get your Original Painting whilst you can on sale now, choose from whats pictured and dream yourself a better tomorrow. Theres no time to lose.Message Mirree your special request. OR GET YOURS TODAY!

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