2 Image License Mirree's designs


2 Image License Mirree's designs


Mirree can tailor a license agreement to suit your daily business needs.
To License 1 Image starts from $10,000 for the duration of 1 year for 10,000 copies.
This enables you to form an agreement with Mirree so that you can use the chosen design on everyday goods, whether it be for a specific 1-time function or to develop the brand for your company.


Price includes:

  1. Drawing up the contract
  2. 1 hour personal meeting with Mirree to discuss and sign the contract
  3. DROPBOX delivery of 2 high quality TIFF files in the images of your choice within 24 hours of receiving payment
  4. Colour correction if needed


    Please consider these details and have them ready before meeting with Mirree to sign the contract:

    • Name/Company
    • ABN/ACN
    • Address
    • Your Chosen image by Mirree
    • Telephone & Fax numbers
    • What states within Australia do you plan to sell
    • What goods do you plan to sell
    • Commencement date

    Below is an example of some of the images Mirree has available.

    All rights reserved with the Artist Mirree.

    If you require more than 2-5 images or to find out more contact Mirree here: http://www.dreamsofcreation.com/pages/contact-us

    Products will be delivered between 3 and 7.

    Handmade with love.

    We ship within 24-48 hours.


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    Total price: ¥2,172,200¥2,172,300
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