New Creation on the horizon - Ancestral Butterfly

Mirree is busy in the studio this month creating the new 'Ancestral Butterfly' painting to keep up with demand.




Animal Dreaming Series
The Ancestral series is different to the Animal Dreaming Series in that it has a black background representing the vast void of the Dreamtime and the Universe. It will contain native Australian animals and has been created with the Ancestors in mind, with their help this beautiful series will create some special magic for those who enjoy capturing the essence of the Ancestors of the Dreamtime.
The series was originally created back in June 2013 just before Mirree's 1st trip to New York for an International show, with careful thought and consideration, she was given the go ahead to present this beautiful series to the world and share the gift of the presence of the Ancestors in this special series of paintings. The 1st in the series was the 'Ancestral Dragonfly' which was sold to help Mirree to fly to New York, the series will continue and we are excited to present these to you today.

'Ancestral Dragonfly'

The original Ancestral paintings will be sold for $3000 to keep up with demand.


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