Art by Mirree is an innovative online Art store and "How To Art" Guide stocking the very best in Contemporary Aboriginal Art products from Australia, High-quality Original Paintings and prints which are fade-free and last a life-time.
An exclusive and high-end retailer, Art by Mirree have selected the most popular products trending now, listing new Original Paintings every week designed & hand-painted by Contemporary Aboriginal Artist: Mirree.

Founded in 2010 by Mirree Louise Bayliss, Art by Mirree is now a leading Contemporary Aboriginal Art retailer. Known for our extraordinary, personalised customer service – which includes complimentary gifts, secure packaging, generous reward points and exclusive offers – our loyal and growing customer base are creating the life of their dreams because they choose Colourful Contemporary and High Quality Art Products.


Hello I’m Mirree, I am the founder of Art by Mirree. My Aboriginal heritage comes from my father, he grew up on a Reserve in Bourke called "Paka-Tank", soon after the floods and droughts hit which diminished their food supplies, they moved to Dubbo where I was born. I come from Wiradjuri country where I was born in Dubbo NSW, still living in the Central West of NSW today where I create all my 1 meter colourful Contemporary Aboriginal Dreamtime Original Paintings that are in all the Colouring Books, the Prints and all the products you see here in my online store are made from these Original Paintings. I get a lot of negative criticism for the work and passion that I do, it has been very challenging to say the very least because of my white appearance as you can imagine, I am the palest one in my family. 

My career in Art started when I was just 17, studying mainstream Fine & Visual Arts whilst also working in large retail companies. More than 20 years on, I reconcile my passion for Colourful Contemporary Aboriginal Art with a determination to live consciously to bring about more positive change for community I live in and those that surround me, but that wasn’t always the case.
I came from a broken family which greatly impacted me through my teenage years during a time when drugs and suicide was a norm, I started to question my life and became disillusioned by how I was feeling and where my life was headed.

I, like so many, was drawn in by those around me that lead me in ways that negatively impacted me, parties, celebrity drug use and suicide. Most of us don’t stop to question something, when peer pressure prevail, let alone the courage to speak up! But, after seeing how others had reacted to some of these topics and the products we stocked, and researched the links between these issues and the healing that Art provided for myself, I started looking for a better way that I could wholeheartedly encourage others to heal and inspire by being a major positive role model.

I’m the first to admit I’d been put off by the results I saw in the marketplace on Contemporary Aboriginal Art, colours, lines and textures in Original Paintings in the past, but made it my mission to find a break-through in technique containing natures materials, right here in Australia on my fathers country. Mother Nature has everything we could possibly need, red dirt, ash, pigments and charcoal. The connection to my Dads country and creating with these natural materials and whilst also mixing my owns colours enabled me to have a connection to country that enabled me to heal from my teenage years, which made me feel alive again, giving me reasons to live, giving me hope and passion to make a difference in the world for others that surrounded me.

What’s even more exciting is that this unique connection which fuels my passion for concentrations of line, dots and coloured designs making Art waves are from someone who cares about the environment, culture, animal-welfare, you and your family. I felt compelled to create a platform for them and help raise awareness that having a sense of belonging allows for stronger connections and cultural awareness on sensitive issues which at times affects us all, without compromising on quality.

Every product, whether big or small, local or manufactured overseas, is hand-picked and tried out by us, so you can shop safely, with confidence and enjoy the transition to colourful dreams of creation. I hope to help you simplify your Art experience, saving you time and money. As soon as I made the switch to a better me, I saw myself take on a whole new clarity through my passion for Art.
I know you’ll make the transformations your striving for too!

If you have any Art questions or would like some product advice drop me a mail via the contact form on this link here

Specialisation in Animal Totems: 

I paint Individual Animal totems for people that want to connect to their animal in a special way that gives them healing, protection, support and transformation on their journey through life. When we have these special paintings in our lives it makes us strong and gives us more personal power from within, providing healing for the heart & soul. A lot of people use their special painting as a source of great inner strength and inspiration, used for quiet spiritual contemplation, prayer, healing, ceremony or holding a family story or songline in place that re-connects them to their sense of belonging, family history or a special and quiet memory from the past.

Specialisation in Colour Combinations:

My Aboriginal connection to nature which comes from my fathers side ignites a burning passion that fuels my inspiration for painting brightly coloured paintings that contain a colour pallet range of between 15-40 unique colours. This sets me apart from most Aboriginal Contemporary Artists because their colours are heavily linked to traditional methods or tones which are usually made up of a limited colour pallet range of only 5-10 colours. If the colour is not quiet right straight from the tube then a lot of the time I mix my own colours. From the colours, symbols, native plants & wildlife of Australian animals they form part of the dreamings, linking you to the songlines and stories that make up the depths & hidden meanings within the paintings. I use only the highest quality paints, using Matisse & Atelier Quality Professional Artist Acrylic Paints which are designed not to fade over time. The spirit lives on & remains alive in the paintings."

More information on the Artist and Aboriginal Artwork Licensing Mirree's Designs/Images

With an unwavering passion to explore her Aboriginal roots, Mirree has been creating artworks for many years. She loves to share her creations with buyers all over Australia and has branched from selling to private customers to now also helping businesses expand their brand with personalised painting licensing agreements. Mirree’s aboriginal art licensing is available to companies who would like to use one of her unique artworks for one time only on their goods or would like to develop their brand.

To license one of Mirree’s images will start varies depending on the type of agreement that is reached. The colourful images in her art and her eye-catching designs make Dreams of Creation is a great opportunity to ensure your new business or product will demand attention and get the recognition it deserves. If you would like further information on agreements please get in touch with us today.

Land of the Ancestors Painting with materials from country by Mirree ©

We hope you enjoy your experience with us, we extend a warm welcome to you and invite you to step inside the Dreamtime of Creation, thanks for visiting us!


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