Mirree's feature on See Me

Here I am people, featured again on 'See Me' to over 300,000+ facebook members for my 'My Year in Review' entry 'Ancestral Butterfly' thanks See Me...Wish me luck...♥♥♥...and thanks so much for supporting me in my creative dream...always in my heart...♥♥♥
Please continue to vote on the link below and just sign in with your facebook account to make your vote count...thanks people♥♥♥

If I win: this will allow me to have a Solo exhibition of my paintings in New York and as you all know, especially those who know me and follow me, I am working very hard to complete the current '44 paintings Animal Dreaming series' so that these can be showcased all over the world for all to see and experience.


Vote for Mirree here:



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