The finished 1 meter Turtle painting....

Hey so what you think of the 1st meter painting down for 2015...
Snake-Head Turtle Dreaming...finished is the story...
In honour of my friend that pasted away a few days before Xmas...her grandmother had the turtle totem and she had the lily pad totem.
“Snake-Head Turtle” ~ EMOTIONS

You are swimming through an emotion of experience that will ultimately result in the development and growth of your soul. Trust in this process and let your emotions be your guide in the understanding of this power that lies deep within you. Allow yourself to recognize the true value of this power by coming out from underneath your shell and let it shine to be your greatest gift to the world. Don't ever be ashamed to acknowledge and share the wisdom of your true feelings.
NEGATIVE: Scared, Ashamed, Powerless
POSITIVE: Powerful, Emotional, Confidant
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Enjoy beautiful people of the world xoxo..
Painted with a minimum of 22 colours.
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