Happy Walkabout Wednesday

Happy Walkabout Wednesday

"Happy Walkabout Wednesday Dreamtime Lovers"

Today we're featuring our 2nd Walkabout Wednesday, so we hope you like it!
It's Wednesday and so we've decided that its the perfect time to go walkabout...

We had some new paintings and prints hit the store recently, so be sure to check them out on the link below, (hint: “White Cockatoo & Baby” and “Green Rosella by Waterhole”)!

There is a mixture of a lot of things happening right now, so this picture represents all those different things that are shifting around and within us all. Although you may feel everything is changing, you are simply going through a transformation in order to find something better that is more fulfilling for you. After all nobody said that change was going to be easy, but it definitely has its rewards so I hope you'll find some of those rewards today on your journey...


Are you feeling judgmental and worthless about yourself? This may be part of an old pattern or the ego that is playing out in your mind. Notice it and let it go because it is not the true part of yourself.

"Brolga Dreaming" represents the reflection of self and seeing the beauty within without judgment or fear, see the beauty within yourself and become connected to everything that supports you in every way. , read more HERE


Allow your soul to come into the light by shedding all the old beliefs, aspects, doubts & fears you may have about yourself.
It’s a powerful time to push through the heavy burdens of the past, your old belief pattern. So its an important time to take baby steps. read more HERE



The Ancestral Lady Beetle represents the playful nature of our inner child, always allowing it to play. Lady Beetles remind us to re-connect to our inner child to assist with deep healing, self-love and inner child recognition and you can do that also in meditation which is what this Artwork is specially designed to do, read more HERE



You are capturing your dreams more through the process of contemplation which is heightening your perception.
Remember the key to these hidden dreams which are rising to the surface is capturing yourself during these stages of pausing and contemplation and nurturing this process within you that is what Green Rosella by Waterhole is teaching us.…read more HERE 

Try to remember Transformation, change and receiving the breakthroughs your looking for takes time so, remember to keep charing on and never ever give up on you…

Take a look on this link: https://www.dreamsofcreation.com

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