New Ancestral Lyrebird Painting

New Ancestral Lyrebird Painting

29th September 2021 ~ Superb Lyrebird

Ancestral Lyrebird ~ Sound Healing ~ Listening to the sound dwellings of the heart



The Lyrebird represents the moving beyond negative disruptions in order to clear the way for better, more healthy relationships with others and clarity of vision. These disruptions can be very painful emotionally and psychically.

The experiences of these negative disruptions could of been from other family members, or past love relationships that didn't go to plan or relationships in general with others.

Sometimes moving forward in life means we have to acknowledge certain painful experiences in order to let them go, so they are no longer controlling us and let the healing begin.

The Lyrebird is about moving towards a greater position in your ability to acknowledge this more so you allow the healing to come in. So listening to more expansive sounds can greatly assist with this.

Delve into the future by understanding more about sound healing, song, music or singing, which could be the key to lifting you out of this situation orang of these situations which could be either reoccurring in the now or happened from the past.

(So give it a try for yourself to experience Lyrebirds message) To connect more with Lyrebird on your journey visit areas of rainforest within nature.

There is 2 different types of Lyrebirds in Australia but the Superb Lyrebird is the larger more well-known species. Lyrebirds are ancient birds, their fossils exist in the Australian Museum dating back 15 million years. The Superb Lyrebird is one of the largest songbirds in the world with their main habitat residing in rainforest areas throughout NSW, VIC and QLD.

This piece was for a special customer request and contains the Kurrajong Tree, Hunter River and Superb Lyrebird in Rainforest surrounds.

Available in Museum Prints, coming soon.
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