Top 10 Benefits of colouring to increase your creativity, relaxation and happiness

Top 10 Benefits of colouring to increase your creativity, relaxation and happiness


Did you know colouring reduces down stress and boosts your creativity levels. The current 2020 Australian Health report reveals that 1 in 5 people have a mental health condition. 

But why would you Colouring when this is a kids thing to do? Well precisely, because doing tasks that kids do, opens up your creativity to many possibilities, gives you solutions to problems you wouldn't of thought of before if you didn't colouring, it releases endorphins and interrupts the brain from doing the normal day to day mundane tasks. But it is also proven that certain colours can change the brain, such as green for example can have a neutral effect on the brain which makes it easier to open up to healing or growth in certain areas. This can greatly benefit our business or relationships when we want more out of life.

This could possibility mean more balance between work and home life, work expansion or development in your personal, family or workplace relationships.
We won't go into the effect colour can have on our brain in this blog post, but if their is enough interest we can go into that in another blog post.
As this maybe highly beneficial to you if you feel like focusing on 1 colour in order  increase, repair or grow your productivity or home life.

The possibility that our creativity can provide is endless and is only limited by our own minds and imagination, creativity opens our mind to the 
possibility and I am proof of that. Creativity interrupts our thinking mind and as you all know can be like a little chatter box at times, that you can't seem to find the off switch to.
I have been able to produce alot of works and work that I thought I could not do and even today I still surprise myself of what my creativity has been able to provide me in my own personal development and give back to my family as well.

What will happen when I colouring, draw or paint? (These facts are scientifically proven)

  1. You will feel "relaxed"

  2. You will lower your "stress"

  3. Your "happiness" meter will increase

  4. Your "focus" will amplify

  5. Your "mental health" will improve

  6. Your "creative skills" will strengthen

  7. You remain "healthy"

  8. You make sense of your "emotions" by processing them

  9. You become "hopeful" about the future

  10. Your "reward system" in the brain is activated which is also linked to motivation, pleasure, enjoyment and positive memories.

    Activating the reward system is a natural feeling or high and if managed properly can help people deal with health conditions and addictive behaviours. 


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