2022 Year of the Water Tiger Paintings

The Year of the Water Tiger contains colours which will bring you luck - Blue, Mint Green, Fiery Red, and Yellow. These colours will activate all 4 elements within nature and representing the metal element is the Gold and White colours. These 2 colours will protect you from any negative effects of the above 4 elements, bringing in a balancing effect and protection. All Original Paintings below have been completed during the Year of the Water Tiger starting 1st February 2022.

Year of the Water Tiger 2022

Full Moon Dingo

Time Out Koala

Crimson Rosella Lovers dream

Red Kangaroo Moving Forward

Blue Wren Loving Heart

Boo book Owl with Flower Medicine

Possum and Baby with Flower Medicine

Turtle by Shimmering Water



Ancestral Lady Beetle with Dragonfly

Ancestral Owl Finches