BUDGERIGARS WITH FLOWER MEDICINE Framed Canvas Print by Mirree Contemporary Aboriginal Art

Size:15cm x 15cm / $79.00
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  • 15cm x 15cm -   $79
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*High Quality Framed canvas Print, ready to hang.

*Comes with detailed spiritual story of your favourite "Budgerigar Dreaming" Animal

Includes the magic of Australian Native Flowers which include:

  1. Sturt's Desert Pea Native Flowers

  2. 5 represents a pioneering spirit, new horizons and being flexible to push through boundaries.


    Budgerigars are one of the most common & most popular household bird pet to have around the world. They have survived Australia's harsh conditions for up to 5 million years. The yellow and green colours are the most natural colours found in the wild and other colours have come from breeding in captivity. Their natural food is plants, vegetable and fruits. The UV Light from the sun and lamps can brighten the colour of their feathers to attract mates and helps to distinguish individual birds. Their colour vision is better than those of humans.

    A change is your life is coming that will enable you to spread your wings and let go of anything that has previously been holding you back. Use this time to prepare yourself for this change and try to look at how you would like things to be through your vision in order to make the transition that much easier. In order to transform from one phase to another, having a clear picture in mind of how we would like something to be, enables us to keep dreaming of the bigger picture, especially if there has been something in particular you have been striving towards. It gives up hope and a future to strive towards that empowers us that is is inline with our abilities. Keep going towards this goal. It will cause a life change that will transform everything that once was familiar to you. Do not be afraid of the unknown and whats to come, but instead try to embrace it.

    Whether your world is about to change dramatically or on a small scale is up to you, which could involve your creative energy and the different areas you put most of this energy into.

    This time could also indicate expansion with a potential partner.

    Positive: Ending a Cycle, Letting Go, Dreaming in Colours

    Negative: Giving Up, Feeling Hopeless, Sadness 


Flowers give us hope and give us something to hang onto. When I was a little girl I went through a lot of horrendous experiences and then a miracle accoured which was carried on a message of a flower which I saw come back to life after being dead right in front of my very eyes.
It was a magical experience and one I almost forgot until I got older and began to remember again. So, flowers can be highly beneficial to the healing process or journey you may be going through at the time. We can forget so many memories and experiences from when we were young because of our day-to-day busy lives that symbolic and colourful paintings with sacred messages and symbols from nature can awaken us to, reminding and connecting us to the purity of our soul and the guidance that comes from within, just dying to come out.

Print comes with  story postcard of the "BUDGERIGARS"

  •  “My paintings come from a feeling inside that I can see. I slowing break it down into color and form through preliminary sketches, with this the rhythm also comes. But always the visions are my feelings. Nature moves me in ways I can only describe through my paintings...”

    Mirree is a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist from Wiradjuri country in NSW Australia. She has been painting since a teenager; she wishes to share her gift of painting & story telling to the world. Purchase Mirree’s Art here: www.dreamsofcreation.com OR follow her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artbymirree

    One of a kind Australian Aboriginal Contemporary Canvas Print by Mirree.
  • Print does not contain any watermark or writing
  • Choose from the following Sizes Available:
    • 15cm x 15cm - $79
    • 30cm x 30cm - $169
    • 40cm x 40cm - $195
    • 50cm x 50cm - $269
    • 60cm x 60cm - $399
  • Media: 360gsm Fine Art Canvas print, your Print will come hand-stretched over wooden bars, ready to hang!
  • Package: Your Print will come Packaged in a durable Cardboard Box,  & comes with an A6 Postcard with the Story on one side & Artwork pic on the back.
  • Postage: Your Print will be package as above to ensure durability during transportation to you anywhere in the world.
  • Quality: Made to strict museum high quality standards
  • What a great way to own one of Mirree's exclusive prints, this print was created from the original painting.

The next best thing to owning the original Artwork.


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