Finding Your Way Back Home…Star Women Dreaming

Finding Your Way Back Home…Star Women Dreaming

Sometimes in this lonely world you feel yourself being lost & feel you need to go for a walkabout in places that seem familiar and not so familiar, to find yourself again.
Imagine yourself going for this walk into the desert or bush where you can find yourself reaching wide open skies with wide open spaces. 
Funny enough it’s in the dead of the still night and all that surrounds you is the red dusty dirt beneath your feet, grounding the black, open and vast sky above you twinkling with the stars of the night sky that light up your every move. 
But for some wonderful reason your thoughts are switched off like a bulb and your body guides you to a massive field of grass as you follow your instincts, you sit down by an open fire that has already been lit.
As you sit down you notice how relaxed & connected you become, feeling at peace with the world and everything that was before.
You start to hear singing in your ears and a song that sounds familiar…hearing these singing sounds to the moon and stars and finally you feel like your back at home in the light of the tracks to the stars in the night sky. You hear their sweet song of the moon and the stars and everything that surrounds you. You finally feel your place in the world again.

Your connection to the universe grows stronger everyday…

This Artwork represents 4 woman in ceremony symbolized by the horseshoe shapes that surround the central circle, dreaming in connection to the stars. Everything else around them is made up of the constellations and energy of the universe, with the serpents representing healing, protection in harmony with the energy & motion of creation.

Mirree at 'Aboriginal Women's Business' Weekend in 2003

Story & Art by Mirree ©

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