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Thanks to the Australian Indigenous Astronomy for the Artist of the Week feature!
Artist of the week: Mirree Louise Bayliss is an Aboriginal contemporary artist & painter from Orange, NSW, in Wiradjuri country. While having a European connection through her mother’s side, her Aboriginal cultural heritage comes through her father, who was born and raised in Bourke. “Mirree” means “Dingo” in Aboriginal language, which cosmologically connects her to both the land and the sky, as many dingo dreamings have an association with the Seven Sisters (Pleiades) and Baiame (Orion).Mirree has been painting since 1996 and developed her unique, colourful and eye-popping style over many years. Mirree's paintings are well-known for her brightly coloured movements of the native animals of her country. Some also tell of her ancestral connection with the stars, as can be seen in the accompanying painting ‘Footsteps & Land of the Ancestors’:“Deep amongst the stars and even further still I can see the land of my ancestors, I can see everything before me, I can see me, I can see my family…”
Her paintings have been featured in a range of publications, and she has begun actively promoting her paintings overseas last year to continue her goal in becoming an internationally acclaimed artist throughout the world. So far she has reached places such as Sydney, Canberra, New York, Miami, India and plans to reach many more places such as China, Japan, Dubai, Europe and Canada.

"Footsteps of the Ancestors" by Mirree Louise Bayliss: "Here are the footsteps and ancestors of the land, that walk among us, but we cannot see, we can feel their breath in the wind of the leaves and sense their soft touch in the trees and see them at night when they kiss us goodnight with their twinkling lights in the sky..."

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