Australian Aboriginal Art - Traditional verses Contemporary

Much has been said about Aboriginal Art. Dot paintings and lines are the distinct features of an aboriginal painting. But what do they mean? Does anyone really know what all these dots and lines are about? Mirree is my name and I am a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist & experienced Aboriginal Art Teacher, having taught Aboriginal Art at the Canberra Institute of technology in Australia for a number of years. I love the idea of exposing myself through International visibility, Aboriginal Artists in communities have an utmost responsibility to family and the connection to land but, the truth of it is most Artists in community are exposed to exploitation, with little going back to the Artist. I know it doesn't make sense for me to bring the subject up, I see it of great significance, because the meaning behind the works starts from this point. The way of life for Aboriginal people is simple, powerfully connecting and expressed through their way of life, the love and respect they have for one another and country. Now back to topic of line and dots - their are so many interpretations from so many people, but most people only know about the interpretations of Aboriginal Art from those places such as the Western Desert or the Central Desert or even Arnhem Land in the NT (The books that most people read about Aboriginal Art). They abide by different rules to 'Urban Artists.' (Artists that grew up in the city or urban areas as opposed to country.) The teachings & symbols vary greatly from Artist to Artist depending on the background and how you grew up. The Artists unique story comes through the use of these lines & symbols as way of communicating to the viewer their personal experience in connection to country, so the interpretation of the symbols can be vary from Artist to Artist & especially of those traditional Artists of the Deserts. (Artists that live in remote communities.)

I'd loved to hear from you, so please feel free to tell me what you think (-:

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