Australian Aboriginal Art ~ The true value

I just wanted to continue on from the last discussion in relation to Traditional versus Contemporary Aboriginal Art because there is a lot of exploitation that goes on in relation to Aboriginal Art. 
I’d like to now go deeper into this discussion.
Remember I touched briefly on this in the 1st discussion on the topic how little goes back to the Artist because without the proper education, the Artists are unaware that their works are been sold for thousands of dollars in the major high end Galleries across Australia and in other cases within the International Market. (With 50% and even less than that are educated enough to know) 
I was asked to write the “Cultural Arts” Diploma for the Canberra Institute of Technology back in 2009 but the funding wasn’t there and it was a lot of work on my part without getting paid for such a task. 
Because it isn’t until more education has been given can Aboriginal Artists learn how to properly make their works known in value to contribute their knowledge and high creativity to the broader community and scheme of things. For example” “The Rainbow Serpent” is a typical & powerful symbol of my tribal area representing the Creation of nature, river ways, mountains and pathways. The sacred maps within country that bring colour, learning, healing and the coming together of ideas and knowledge to learn as you grow older in order to take responsibility to earn the spiritual knowledge that is imparted through proper means via ceremonies.
It cannot be denied the high worth of Aboriginal Art in actual fact in 2007 Aboriginal Art hit a record, selling the most expensive piece of Aboriginal Art sold in Australia for 2.4 million dollars. Lets face it Aboriginal Art is not for the faint hearted, it is in actual fact a powerful & luxury item, many people don’t know how important & valuable Aboriginal Art is to Australia’s commodity. Aboriginal Art is a highly prized possession containing the heart of Australia’s country and is on the threshold of the future, I believe if the government continues to make less Aboriginal reforms than this will result in an increase in the value of Aboriginal Art because there will be less Art coming out of these regions due to the lack of development & closure of hundreds of communities. I really hope this doesn’t go ahead and the government changes hands swiftly & I dare not read of any such in the Newspapers, radio or television so that I can continue on in my optimistic approach to life & in highest of spirits that this will be beaten. 

And now I’d like to conclude on a lighter note after that…a poem from a friend of mine written about me and my paintings….


My skin is white, but inside is the colour of my people. My heart knows the difference, my head hurts that the colours won't blend. My blood is red when I am hurt. I scream for peace, for love, for pain of me and my people. Beauty flows through me, I create my art with the vibration of my Aboriginal blood. I know who I am.

Through whatever challenge and tribulations I will continue to hold within the palm of my own hands the Dreamings of my country and people before me, showing everything of this for all to see within my own paintings. And together we will continue on into the future as a proud Aboriginal Woman…

I hope you all enjoyed this little discussion and always I welcome your comments, thoughts, questions and well whatever you’d like to share really.

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