What is the difference between a Hobby Artist and a Professional Artist?

I have read a number of articles now, way too many to list them all, but overall is a small list that provides some good resources for developing and implementing your business if you wish to do so.
I will name the sites I've been on to obtain this information 1st but before I continue with my own views and experience on the subject.
Here are the listed sites I am referencing, you may or may not want to check them out, but in case you do here is the list:

Artsy Shark
Maria Brophy
Owen Garrett

Barramundi Dreaming by Mirree ~ Family Healing Circle of Life

I have a lot of Professional and Hobby Artists that are inspired by what I do & are asking me advice about my work so I decided to create this blog to further expand your knowledge so you can have a clear path ahead and propel yourself to the top with your Art if that is what you wish. What has also helped me is my 14 years worth of experience in the Retail Industry and completing a Cert:4 in Small Business Management.

This could be you in the beginning stages of your passion for Art, this I believe is what we experience when we are starting out or undecided which path to take:

Mirree in the studio in the beginning stages of The eye of the Emu ~ Celestial Wisdom Painting

Hobby/Lesiure Artist
  • A hobby Artist paints/draws, etc for leisure, for family, friends and charity. 
  • A hobby Artist is not concerned about the dollar value of work because the passion & love over-rides all avenues.
  • It is more important at this stage to get the work out in the form of painting or drawing etc as an emotional expression to enable for some understanding to come to the Artist, because this will allow for some more direction to come.
  • A hobby Artist does not have practical goals.
  • A hobby Artist works casual or part-time at their craft or when there is time in between their other full-time work or tasks.
  • A hobby Artist has a back up plan.
  • A Professional Artist works on a body of work over many years. 
  • A Professional Artist is also concerned about selling the work to make a living.
  • A professional Artist is driven by passion, determination and set targeted goals that have been designed to develop the business over a period of time with careful planning.
  • A Professional Artist works on their targeted goals everyday.
  • A Professional Artist is in it for the long run.
  • A Professional Artist works full-time and does not work a 2nd job, its a make or break situation, through their dedication and persistence.
  • A Professional Artist has made many psychical, emotional & mental shifts in their life to enable them to work full-time, their is no such thing as a back-up plan because they understand that every piece of work represents an emotional part of themselves and this fuels their inspiration to continue. And because denying yourself of this, is denying a part of yourself. Without this confrontation of self, the Artist is at odds with themselves and their work. It is a good practise to confront yourself and others in your work regularly because this is how you will engage your audience and develop works that bring meaning into peoples lives. Life would be very boring if you didn't. And challenging yourself creates inspiration for yourself which then overflows onto others.

I hope this article provides you with some avenues and ideas into where you would like to take your work and how important it becomes in your life as either a Hobby Artist or Professional Artist.

The decision & responsibility is yours and with the right preparation such as this, it makes choosing the right path much easier.

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