What is the meaning of White Owl?

What is the meaning of White Owl?

In various Aboriginal tribes around Australia “White Owls” can be linked to Death or the passing of a loved one within the family, it depends though which tribe you are from and remember this is from a traditional perspective.

Luckily Snowy Owls do not belong to Australia and can be found throughout many parts of the world such as Japan, China, America, Hawaii, Canada and more recently in the UK.
They are considered as having wisdom and of good luck in Japan and can be a protector of wealth, in China they are considered good and bad luck depending on the context, in most Native American tribes they are also considered a warning of death, can represent ghosts or that death is coming within the family.
Here you will find the various Owls that belong to Australia on this link: Owls of Australia

Other cultures and countries throughout the world have always fascinated and inspired my Art. Although I did perform all my traditional ceremonies, I strive to paint about a universal viewpoint which is not purely traditional, but is built on respect, inspired by the past but infused with a Modern Contemporary Art Practise which respects and honours the past.
The information we strive for should have an equal balance, every day I strive to put fresh information out into the world that people can relate and connect to from all cultures and backgrounds.

Spirit of White Owl Original Painting

When buying a White Owl painting, try to remember that it will give you strong medicine and messages from spirit. But do not let the death part deter you because at any moment you could be going through an inner death in order to step out of the past and into your future. Being fearful can at times be a lack of knowledge about something, so try not to be sacred. White Owl is like the lantern in your dark night or protector and guardian.
An inner death is like rendering the past as no longer valid or of any use to your future simply because you’ve been able to learn those lessons from the past. We must learn to take the time to close the doors to any unfinished business. It’s like being given a conscious chance to close the door on the old/past in order to say goodbye and open a new one where the light has been left on for you.

You are no longer in complete darkness. We all go through hurt and pain which can be linked to these certain cycles or stages throughout our life. That is where an animal spirit guide can protect you on your spiritual journey through life.

Snowy Owl Giclee Print


Please Note: I write this information to give respect to the elders and ancestors of the land and only wish to inform and educate those who want to hear about the oldest continuing culture in the world, the ancient Aboriginal Culture, the culture I am part of which was passed down to me from my father’s side. Because education means knowledge and having the knowledge means having the confidence and pride in yourself to achieve great things in life, to be an example to others in your community and those that surround you and to speak with the strength, courage and power to walk your talk. 


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